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Menopause Jokes

The importance of menopause jokes: Your menopausal symptoms are directly affected by how much you laugh and how much you appreciate humour. Chronic emotional stress is like a black widow spider. She will eat you alive after she has had her fun with you.

Being under duress serves a healthy purpose when it has a short duration. The hormones released during the flight-or-fight response can prime you for fending off that mugger in the back alley.

However, when the stress response is constantly or frequently activated in your body and you must sit perfectly still while you are dealing with your irritating boss, or you have prolonged insomnia, your menopausal symptoms will become more bothersome. For example, your hot flashes may increase in duration and frequency and your menstrual period may become heavier.

In addition, cortisol, the hormone released when you're anxious, will increase your belly fat, which is all ready a challenge for the menopausal woman.

Although exercising is a well-known healthy outlet for your raging hormones, chuckling will have the same relieving qualities. So, if you cannot get to the gym, at least make sure you can throw a good belly laugh at your own or other people's menopause jokes.

Dr.Eva Ritvo author of The Beauty Prescription talks about the importance of menopause jokes.

Dr. Eva Ritvo M.D., Psychiatrist states, "When you laugh your muscles relax, your stress hormones decrease, your immune function improves, your blood pressure lowers, your pain triggers go down, your blood sugar levels lower, you forget your problems and your skin appearance improves. This is all research proven."

Giggling is especially important during the menopausal years because of the added stress that midlife brings. Not only are you challenged by your changing female hormone levels, but some of you are dealing with midlife issues such as empty-nest syndrome, caring for aging parents, or dealing with problematic marriages.

Laughter really is the best antidote. And menopause jokes are totally free!

If you really cannot find any funny jokes, then put your energy into spending time with hilarious people, or watching a comedy.

Remember to poke fun at your own imperfections and those of others (you may not want to do this to their faces), because if you know and can accept that we are all deeply flawed, then there is no reason to try so hard to be perfect.

We have all heard the advice that we should get rid of toxic people who vacuum all the humor out of our lives. I take issue with that because everyone is toxic at different times. If I listened to that nonsense, I would have emptied my life of all living things by now, including myself, my plants and my dog. It is far better to be kind and generous with your friends and time, and help others to rid themselves of toxicity with a good joke.

If it's not funny--just fake it.

If you are still having a hard time seeing the funny side of life, then fake it, after all, women are quite good at that. Your body cannot distinguish between real or fake laughter, so it will trigger the same positive hormonal response. Your menopausal symptoms will ease and you will look and feel fabulous.

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