Hot Feet Flashes

Imprint of a hot foot

Hot feet flashes:

I am a 47 woman and have heard of hot flashes before, but I feel the heat in my feet. They will become burning hot and when I ask my husband to feel them he says they feel normal. I have to put them in a bucket of cold water or put a cold compress on them, or fan them. The symptoms don't last long and its usually in the summer when it occurs. Have you ever heard of this??? From, Rosemary E. Ontario

Hot flashes tend to be felt in the upper chest and face, but they can extend to any part of the body. Other women have talked to me about their flaming feet. The same techniques for normal hot flashes should work for this problem as well. I see you already use cold compresses and you are dunking them in cold water. Some women prefer to wear sandals all year long! Believe me, running out of the house in the middle of winter in the deep snow while you're wearing sandals is a dead give-away that you are in perimenopause.

If you read my article on hot flashes you may be able to incorporate some of the suggested techniques. A few others have complained of this during perimenopause. Just make sure it isn't some other health issue that your doctor may want to be made aware of.

Later post: Some time after I posted this initial article I found more information on women who complain of exactly the same thing as Rosemary. It seems to be much more common that I originally thought. Anyways, keep dunking those babies to keep them cool.

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